What we do

At Visual Flux, every project is produced and managed with the same energy and attention to detail. Our emphasis on teamwork and communication ensures that you have a complete picture of all development milestones and deadlines, and a clear understanding of each phase of production and review.

Here’s what you can expect with a team from Visual Flux on your next project:

Planning and Scheduling:
The project kick-off meeting assembles the key players from Visual Flux with your staff. We discuss and assign the responsibilities of the entire team, and outline the procedures necessary to build a quality product. Together with your staff, we generate a preliminary outline of the multimedia or web product. We set timetables for content gathering and formalizing the visual design, delivery platform, and treatment of the subject matter. We conclude with a final project plan, detailing all phases of production with clear content delivery and ‘in-progress’ review milestones.

Design and Development:
The first “show-and-tell.” Here’s where your Visual Flux project team presents preliminary treatments and layouts for the key elements of the product – the graphical style and interface for your product. Your review can take place in a secure online “production staging” area, on disk or on paper — or with the Visual Flux team of developers and designers at your site. Then, with your feedback, we refine the elements of the product that will be incorporated into a comprehensive production documentation package – including design documents, scripts, or storyboards. This early milestone in the process is an essential point to assess how close we are to meeting the defined project objectives. From here we begin to address the fine details – platform and delivery concerns, administration and maintenance, site hosting, hardware acquisition, packaging and fulfillment, and any other notable project requirements.

Production and Integration:
Visual Flux is now in full-scale production. Your assigned Visual Flux team translates the accepted designs into working graphical templates and navigational elements, and starts to build the functional product. Visual Flux is expert in applying a wide-range of applications and programs to deliver the project product. The final product will be a result of applying these programs seamlessly where the end user is contentedly unaware of what processes were utilized to create the product itself. After all, the focus is the content, not the products used to bring it to life.

Q/A Testing and Evaluation:
Prior to delivery, Visual Flux will thoroughly test your product and our work. Then, we pass the project to you for your evaluation. We review your feedback from this first round of testing and integrate these changes into the product. Then if necessary, we tweak the product to guarantee your satisfaction and quality of the product.

Delivery and Implementation:
After the product receives a stamp of approval, your product is delivered to you based on the criteria developed in the initial stages of the project – on time and on budget.

Support, Warranty and Follow-Up:
We stand behind our work. For multimedia and the Internet, that typically means providing ongoing support to our clients. Based on your project’s requirements, we include a specific maintenance period for content corrections and revisions, or for other follow-up services.