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Terry Briegel

Digital Media Expert and all around nice guy. Terry started his career working in broadcast at WFTV an ABC news affiliate. He then moved on to work with NBC on the Seoul Olympics where he was awarded 3 Emmys for Design & Technology. Terry quickly moved on to work for the two big post facilities in Orlando doing special effects for all the TV shows being produced in Central Florida. After mastering his craft for others, he went out on his own, traveling to NY, working for ABC Good Morning America and to LA for various special effects shows. In 1996 he started Visual Flux with the latest and greatest Quadra 950. Creating all the artwork in Photoshop 1.0 (Beta). Visual Flux has been a leader in video technology ever since.

Visual Flux, Inc.

Our mission at Visual Flux is to help our clients take advantage of new media solutions in their business and marketing plans. We offer creative solutions for utilizing technology effectively. We specialize in Design & Branding for web/social media and emerging digital media. Visual Flux has an impressive core of technical knowledge and experience with a refreshing blend of personnel. Building on a 25+ year history in communications, we take on new developments in technology and quickly integrate them into our services.