Everyone has a story

Everyone has a Story

This was shot in a restaurants after hours. The video was over/cranked and shot with a steady cam. I took the the video and did speed ramps on the duration to speed up the time from Scene to scene. I motion tracked the video & added titles to tell the story.

Trion Z


Colantotte Intl asked us to create a 30 sec spot for their new Trion:Z Bracelet line to run on the Golf Channel. We were given only a few bracelets and a few concepts to start the job. We completed the entire spot, animation, editing, shooting, music, sd/fx and delivered the final with in 10 days. They were quite happy with the results.

Trion:Z is dedicated to developing the finest products for the sports and fitness market at a remarkable value by providing customers with award winning magnetic and negative ionic technology. Thousands of professional basketball, baseball, cricket, golf and NASCAR athletes, to name a few, have proudly worn Trion:Z. Today, Trion:Z operates a multi faceted business in the United States and throughout the world by consistently providing unparalleled products showcasing a unique line of negative ionic-magnetic products.