Everyone has a story

Everyone has a Story

This was shot in a restaurants after hours. The video was over/cranked and shot with a steady cam. I took the the video and did speed ramps on the duration to speed up the time from Scene to scene. I motion tracked the video & added titles to tell the story.

RACER Estimating


RACER Estimating is a online video training site for government users of their RACER software. Remedial Action Cost Engineering and Requirements (RACER) software is a Windows-based environmental remediation/corrective action cost estimating system.  Online training offers the best possible experience for learning RACER software in the area of cost engineering, environmental engineering for cost professionals, and the different ways to utilize the RACER software. RACER software quickly and accurately estimates costs for all phases of environmental remediation projects – from site investigation through site closeout.  The system enables users to develop and update cost estimates, evaluate and compare the cost of various treatment options, quantify environmental liability for budgeting or regulatory/financial disclosures, and develop a consistent approach for project budgeting.

Kachemak Bay


This website was developed for a network of local businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and interested citizens who adhere to and promote: Educational Travel, Responsible Wildlife Viewing, Leave-No-Trace Recreation, Sustainable Business Practices, Environmental Stewardship in Homer Alaska. The website was built to help promote the companies who help preserve and protect the special nature of Kachemak Bay and beyond by encouraging responsible travel that conserves natural environments and sustains the well-being of local communities. The guiding spirit of this group is to voluntarily ensure that we cause minimal impact to wildlife, wilderness, natural habitats, and archaeological, cultural and historical sites. We seek to preserve and protect Kachemak Bay as it is now for the appreciation, enjoyment, and enrichment of current and future generations. We will do this by linking business with conservation and community.



Urbana Holdings asked us to redesign their website and add some “WOW ” factor to their old static site. But most of the site work is not seen, it is a back-end web app that lets Realtors manage their properties.  They are based in Atlanta GA

Urbana acquires, renovates and develops Class “A” commercial real estate projects throughout the United States. Urbana’s mission is to acquire, develop and operate investment caliber real estate projects and redevelop and renovate projects with the potential to become investment caliber. Targeted investments include office, multi-family, hotel and mixed-use projects. Urbana emphasizes the renovation and redevelopment of real estate properties that are not typically the focus of institutional or local entrepreneurial buyers. Once Urbana has completed the development or redevelopment process, the projects are better suited for a more passive investor such as a pension fund, REIT or insurance company.

Brighthouse Networks PSA website


We were asked by Brighthouse Network to create a website for their current PSAs campaigns. This website is a catalog of all the Bright House Networks PSA and video content that is available for both for TV (ad insertion and on-demand) and online. For all cable offices to request a copy of any of the content on this site, they just review the spots and send an e-mail and indicate the selection and preferred format.

Content is organized under four main categories and growing:

  • Afterschool Alliance: Short form video interviews from After the School Bell Rings cable show produced in 2008.
  • Star Teacher Awards: PSA’s related to Stareacher Awards program,  both Sponsor programmers and company produced.
  • Keeping Kids Safe: Retro Bill and other safety videos available for use.
  • PSA: Other PSA’s available for ordering.